Team Building


Event Description

Our Team Building events are tailored to address specific issues within your company.  Delivered on-site at your place of work, the objectives of this event is to:

  • Learn to work as a team

  • Assess your team's goals and direction

  • Better communication as a team

  • Energise your team

  • Create trust amongst team members

  • Recognise individual strengths, styles and skills

  • Encourage flexible lines of communication

  • Ensure tolerance between the team members

  • Encourage sharing of ideas

  • Allow for differences.


The appropriate type of team and the way functions it performs vary and will depend on the task and the skills of the individuals within the team.

To work effectively the team must agree on - what sort of team they are; what the goals of the team are; the role of each team member; who needs to work closely with whom, what should the game plan be?

Sometimes it's as simple as learning more about the people you work with, and sometimes it's complicated, such as working through entrenched difficulties or defining how a long-distance team communicates.

This is the benefit of a tailor-made Team building event as it allows the team to do this by taking some time away from the workplace to slow things right down. Various tools are used for this - discussions, brain storming, command tasks, game play, role play and goal setting, sorting out problems, putting forward new ideas, planning the future, reviewing the the team's 'purpose' e.g. the vision and/or mission and learning more about each team member as people.   This allows the team members to achieve a fresh perspective, sense of focus, the building of confidence and preparation for the real "game" ahead.

A Team event has a positive effect on the morale, motivation, confidence and effectiveness of the team and its individual members that immediately transfers to the workplace.

We create the team building programme from a specific brief and is tailor-made by working closely with your company to ensure the most appropriate team building programme can be used.  We have found that our team building events create and nurture successful, professional, productive and happy teams.

Price and Duration

Please contact us to discuss your team building requirements and we will provide you with a quotation for this event.