At times it's hard to ignore all of the doomsday, apocalypse now talk and whether you believe it could really happen or not, it does give us something to think about.  Could people today with their modern luxuries be able to fend for themselves?  Would we be equipped if a major disaster was to happen tomorrow?  When a major catastrophe happens close to home, would you have the skills to save your family or yourself?  As the saying goes - fail to plan and plan to fail!  

So what is a prepper?

The most basic definition of a prepper is someone willing to take whatever steps necessary to guarantee his or her survival after a natural or man-made disaster. Those steps can include storing food and weapons or building shelters, among other things.

Preppers what to remain low key, but it is said that there are around 3 million American's who are preppers.  With TV shows like Doomsday Preppers, social media, etc. spreading the word - prepping is becoming more and more common.  

By following basic prepping guidelines covered in our course, the skills that you learn can come together so that you have a better chance of survival   Our prepping course covers basic prepping skills and provides the basic underpinning knowledge such as food prepping and basic survival skills so that you can do all possible to increase your chances of survival should disaster happen.   

The guide below provides a subject guide to the prepping course:

  • Disaster Preparedness: Participants are given an overview of the probable hazards that the community could face in the future.  The training provides participants with instructions on how they should prepare for and respond to a disaster.

  • Practical Food Prepping: practical guide to nutritious food prepping. 

  • Disaster Fire Management: This session teaches participants the basics of fire safety and fire suppression.  Participants will learn how to best assess a situation, use fire extinguishers safely and how to extinguish small fires.

  • Disaster Medical Operations:  Two sessions are spent training students on first aid methods in disaster scenarios.

  • Search and Rescue Operations: Participants are given an overview of the logistics of search and rescue operations including instruction on formulating plans, utilizing proper techniques and protecting oneself

  • Team Organization and Disaster Psychology:  In this session, the students are instructed on the organization and management of team activities and how to properly record events.  Participants are also taught the psychological effects of disasters on both the victims and workers.

  • Final Overview and Disaster Simulation:  In this final session, participants will review skills they have been taught over the previous sessions then put those skills to the test in a disaster simulation.


Course Duration

2 days

Target Audience

This course is strictly limited to just 12 participants.The course is aimed at anyone who is interested in survival prepping.



On completion of the course you will receive an awarding certificate from SERE Squadron.

​Course Cost​

The cost of the course is £400 + VAT at the prevailing rate.