Negotiation Skills


Course Description

We all have to negotiate in some form or other and the principles are the same.  It could be a 'hard' negotiation, such as negotiating a new piece work contract, a salary increase, a price to pay for a house or car or perhaps an advertising campaign.  The negotiations can be what are described as "soft" such as deciding who's going to do what in your team or handling staff conflict.

This course explores the different ideas which people can have about negotiation and the skills and qualities a good negotiator needs. We look at how each individual currently handles negotiations and the qualities they bring.  The course allows for the individuals to prepare for different negotiating situations, looking at the purpose, the desired outcomes on both sides, who will be there and what is known about them, including interests and positions of all parties. We highlight the difference between an interest and a position and why its important to separate them.


​Course Objectives

  • Introducing negotiation types and qualities

  • Preparing for negotiations

  • Building the relationship

  • Eliciting information effectively

  • Holding your ground when you need to

  • Dealing with the tough guys

  • Closing the deal

  • Negotiating with flair


1 day.​​​



​On site within your place of work.​



A minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 delegates.



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