Get a Health and Safety Audit for your business


Find out if you are compliant with UK Safety Regulations

At times, it can be difficult to know whether all aspects of your company's health and safety is effective, whether the management of health and safety is at it's best and whether it's legally compliant.  


We provide a health and safety audit, a unique advisory service which is ideal for any organisation that requires an assessment of the current effectiveness of their management of health and safety.  It is a flexible service which can highlight what is going right and what is not.  The audit is carried out by one of our Chartered Health and Safety consultants (CMIOSH).  


The audit can incorporate the following or, if you wish, it can concentrate on a particular area of health and safety:


  • an assessment of current policies and procedures

  • an assessment of the effectiveness of the current safety management system

  • a review structure and methods of operation

  • a review and survey of the workplace internally, externally and site operations, to identify hazards, unsafe acts or conditions

  • an overview of any areas which do not comply with legal requirements

  • in-depth analysis of specific areas of risk

  • training needs analysis

  • recommendations and an action plan prioritising next steps.


Findings are provided in a detailed report

The findings from the audit are provided in a detailed report and this will offer advice and guidance on actions necessary to enable the company to fully comply with health and safety regulations and best practice.  It is recommended that all businesses are subject to to a periodic health and safety audit to ensure that safety management systems are continuously being improved.     


With the Health and Safety Audit you will be adhering to the requirement to carry out an 'independent assessment' of your safety management systems as outlined in the Health and Safety Executive's best-practice document, HSG65.



Our health and safety audit normally takes a day to complete if conducted at one location.  For larger companies this can take longer or require a visit to more than one location.


A full audit which takes 1 day is priced at £500 (+ VAT).  For larger companies which require more time and at more than one location, please contact us to discuss.  


To book an audit or to discuss in more detail - please contact us.