Emergency Medical Technician - INTERMEDIATE (EMT-I)


Course Description

The Emergency Medical Technician Intermediate course provides additional knowledge and skills to experienced Emergency Medical Technicians in specific aspects of advanced life support, medical and trauma care.

Building on an existing Emergency Medical Technician (or equivalent) qualification, this course presents participants with the opportunity to further extend their skills and knowledge to competently deliver an enhanced level of emergency and urgent care.

The course syllabus covers the following areas:

  • Preparing to be an Intermediate level EMT

  • Pharmacology, drug administration and intravenous therapy

  • Advanced airway management

  • System based patient assessment

  • Medical emergencies

  • Trauma emergencies

  • Advanced cardiac life support

  • Paediatric advanced life support

  • Paediatric emergencies

  • Geriatric emergencies

  • EMS operations


On successful completion of the practical programme and assessments, the student will be able to complete 100 hours of field internship. This can be done with our European partner in Bosnia at a time which suits the student. The internship takes place at a hospital in Mostar in Bosnia, where we have in place a strategic alliance for the benefit of our students. Here at this location, the students are allowed to experience extensive hands on practical skills under the supervision of the highly trained hospital / ambulance staff. This is extremely beneficial to the students to be able to experience first hand, the range of practical applications provided by the Mostar work experience placement.​  The internship at the University Hospital of Mostar will allow you access to areas of emergency care which would not be permitted in the UK or US. You will also be able to exercise the skills learned on the course.


​Target Audience

Individuals who already hold an existing EMTB qualification or equivalent.

Awarding Body



Successful participants will gain an accredited Emergency Medical Technician award and will become eligible to apply for international registration as an Emergency Medical Technician Intermediate.​

To remain registered and qualified at this grade, attendance at an annual three day annual re-certification course, which includes a CPR/AED update, is required together with evidence of at least 40 hours of on-going EMS related CPD.


​Students undertake a minimum of 280 hours of supported pre-course study (E-learning) followed by attendance for a further 120 hours - 10 days of intensive classroom based training consisting of scenario based practical skills and evaluations. Clinical placement - 100 hours by arrangement.


​​​​​​​​​​Minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 delegates.



Individual course booking - £2200 per course (+VAT) 

Price includes the E-learning and the 10 day classroom based elements of the course.  

The price also includes registration, E-learning, course material, examination fees, certificates.  

The internship element is seperate and is very competitvely priced. Please contact us for further details on the price for this.