CV Development Service


It is so important to have the correct CV for the job that you are applying for.  Your CV is your first opportunity you have to impress employers and to get them to even consider you, so it's essential to invest in a well written CV.  Recent studies suggest that you have on average, 15 seconds to get the attention of a recruiter or potential employer so it is essential that your CV or resume shows you in the best possible light.  More people are using online job websites to look for work and candidates so it is also important that your CV has the correct keywords which will help to highlight your CV.


Many people can write their own CVs and can do it well, but it can be extremely time consuming and difficult if you are unaware on how to structure a CV.  We are able to best highlight your most relevant strengths, and are able to transform and enhance your CV, ensuring that the format, layout and content is to a high and professional standard and what recruiters are looking for.


We can update, reformat and personalise your CV so it will stand out from the rest and be noticed. We will take the time to showcase your knowledge and experience in a professional and well formatted way so that it grabs the readers attention, which of course is the first step to success.  We can also tailor your CV to a specific job application or industry.  


The process is as follows:


  1. we will take your existing CV, or document detailing your qualifications / experience, etc. and develop your new CV 

  2. if you want extra added, you will also need to send us that information

  3. we can provide a Covering Letter for an additional fee 

  4. we can provide a Linkedin Profile for an additional fee

  5. CV's will be sent to you in Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF

  6. 48 hour turnaround as standard or quicker upon request


Prices as follows:

  1. Produce CV - £35

  2. Covering Letter - £20

  3. LinkedIn Profile - £20


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