Command Tasks


Course Description

The purpose of a command task is to assess your ability to exercise leadership, through the command and control of a team to achieve a mission.

Through the process of attempting to achieve this task the following observations will be made on your ability to:

  • think logically

  • exert your will on others

  • make decisions under pressure

  • apply team working skills

  • be flexible

  • function under pressure.


​The only way you can improve your performance is by practising with real people, on real Command Tasks. 

Our Command Task coaching course gives each delegate the opportunity to lead, and be led, on a number of tasks, with a coach at their side to make sure individual development points are addressed. 

This is important as it allows the student to lead the task themself and to observe others in the lead role.  This highlights any areas of enrichment which may be required and provides pointers for improvements which can be made.  With this, students become much more at ease with their own abilities.

Our Command Task Coaching Course focuses on the fundamental leadership principles of Analysis, Planning and Communication which helps the student to maximise their performance.  


2 days.



On site within your place of work.



A minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 delegates.



Please contact us to arrange a quotation.