Behavioural Safety Programme and Training

Why have a Behaviour Based Safety Programme?

Behaviour Based Safety focuses on worker behaviour and human factors rather than limiting itself to the traditional approach of engineering safeguards. The aim is to change behaviour and foster a positive, open safety culture. This in turn leads not only to reduced injuries and illness but also to improved morale, quality, performance and productivity.

Behavioural Based Safety Programme

The programme involves front line staff carrying out planned routine behavioural safety observations audits / tours. It involves immediate one-to-one feedback on the observation with the person involved. The observations feedback focuses on both positive and negative behaviours observed. At PLURAL we use the following four-stage process:


Stage 1: On-site evaluation of Health & Safety

This evaluation phase includes the completion of a safety based questionnaire/psychometric with every employee within the workforce and a review of your Safety Management System.  On completion of the evaluation, the results are anlaysed and forms a baseline for our recommendations and on how best to integrate a behavioural safety programme within your existing safety management system. 


Stage 2: Behavioural Safety Training

  • behavioural safety leadership course (directors and management)

  • incident management programme implementation and training (directors and management)

  • behavioural safety training co-joined with the achieving behavioural change framework (site operatives)

  • safety observations report (SOR) management programme implementation and training.  This is a 360 degree operative management programme for a constant feedback loop.


Stage 3: Implementation of Behavioural Safety Programme

  • Agree implementation programme timetable and key milestones

  • Develop list of “golden rules” or model behaviours to follow

  • independent external collection and monitoring of all stats to form an impartial objective overview.  (report and graphical information which identifies potential challenges and trends).

  • every month an independent penetration test of the operatives on site with reference to their working practise's and behaviours


Stage 4: Evaluation of the Programme

  • PLURAL will facilitate, support and evaluate the full implementation of the Behavioural Safety Programme  and every three months we reexamine the behavioural safety questionnaire as in stage 1 above to measure behavioural progress/changes.



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