Who we are and what we do


Founded in 2000, Plural Group is a global provider of services to the international education, training and learning markets. We offer a wide range of training courses and associated services within a number of different areas - Military, Medical, Health & Safety, Security, Survival, Leadership and Selection.    


Plural focuses on helping our customers deliver excellence. Our extensive experience and collaborative style have made us a trusted partner to our customers.    



Our board of directors is composed of ex-military and civilian business professionals who strive to keep all of our divisions operating at the highest possible levels.

Our specialist team of partners and training consultants have experience in working in partnership with individuals and business clients across all organisational levels. 

Our trainers are experts in their fields and are highly qualified in their chosen specialism coming from mainly military, psychology, medical, security and safety backgrounds.  ​​

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We provide consutlancy services for organisations.  We are able to offer representation through an on-call service to provide advice to the organisation with respect to a particular business area.  For example, Plural will provide a consultancy service covering all aspects of health and safety.  The benefits of this are:

  • cost savings as the company does not have to employee a full time member of staff for this role

  • our response times are very quick and we that we respond very quickly to any advice that our clients may need at any given time

  • our subject knowledge is very current and we keep our clients up to date at all times with any changes in legislation or any other are which may affect their business.

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Training for organisations

Having staff with nationally recognised qualifications means employers can be confident that their employees have the right knowledge to do the job.  This is where we can help as Plural Group provides a wide range of recognised training courses which are internally and externally verified by internationally qualifying awarding bodies.  We have worked with many organisations as their approved training provider and have built long term, trusting client relationships.  Some of the benefits to our client organisations by running our training courses are:

  • ​the employee will achieve the required knowledge for the job

  • the company is compliant in meeting mandatory employee training legislation

  • training on-site provides cost savings - less expense for travel, less time out of work

  • we are flexible in our training provision making training convenient for our clients.

Training for individuals

For the individual, doing the right course and having the right qualifications can make a big difference in the competitive jobs market.  Plural Group runs a variety of training courses within each division, which an individual can book and participate in.  These courses are run periodically throughout the year and cover many different courses in the areas of security, survival, medical and safety.  The benefits to the individual by booking our courses is that:

  • the courses are current, accredited and certified

  • our courses are competitively priced, offering value for money

  • the individual gains access to a network of similarly minded and qualified people.